Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beautiful and elegent pearl and swarovski crystal bracelet with silver diamond seperator in crystal AB


Materials descriptions :

Original swarovski pearls and crystal from Austria

6mm white pearls
6mm round rose AB (AB is special coating that give rainbow effect to the crystal)

Length : 17.5 cm




Full shinning crystal in aqua, erinite and a lots of crystal AB

Materials descriptions :

Original swarovski from Austria

6mm bicone aqua
5mm bicone crystal AB (AB coating on crystal give special effect like rainbow glow)
8mm erinite AB

Length : 17.5 cm

Fuschia and rose swarovski crystal bracelet


Materials descriptions :

Original swarovski from Austria

8mm fuschia AB
6mm top drill rose
6mm rivoli crystal AB
6mm bicone rose and crystal AB

Length : At any length

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flower pearl with swarovski crystal in siam AB and light peach

Material descriptions :
Original swarovski from Austria
6mm white pearl
6mm light peach and siam AB
Gold flower seperator
Length : 17 cm

Beautiful white pearl set with swarovski crystal in Padparadscha AB

Pearl set consists of :
Necklace ( 40 cm) = RM70
Bracelet (17 cm) = RM30
Earring = RM10
BUY ALL 1 SET at RM100.00 - Will slot in new set in future

Beautiful and elegant amethyst and tenzenite with crystal AB


Materials descriptions :
Original swrovski from Austria
8mm top drill tenzenite, amethyst and crystal AB (AB coating give rainbow effect)
6mm crystal AB and amethyst
Length : 17 cm

Friday, January 8, 2010

Violet + Amethyst shinning bracelet


Materials :
6mm top drill violet
8mm amethyst AB ( AB is special coating which give rainbow effect)
6mm rivoli in crystal AB
6mm crystal AB, purple velvet
Length : 17 cm

Purple tone in pearls + violet AB swarovski crystal

Do you like to have mauve pearls color (purple tone) + violet AB swarovski crystal

Bracelet = RM60.00

Earing = RM10.00

Buy both at RM60.00

Materials :

Original swarovski from Austria

6mm mauve + white pearls

6mm violet AB (special coating give rainbow effect)

Gold flower seperator

Length : 17.5 cm

The shinning of purple velvet collection

For those who loves purple...
Bracelet = RM55.00
Earing = RM 10.00
Buy both as 1 set = RM60.00 +++ FREE SHIPPING
Materials :
Original swarovski from Austria
6mm purple velvet and crystal AB + 4mm violet for earing
Bracelet length : 17 cm stretchable
***If you wish to change to hook bracelet type or you wish to get the bracelet in different color, please email me.